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No challenge is too big!

SSE has the perfect solution for all your logistical emergencies.

From meeting production-synced deadlines in the automotive industry to urgent AOG parts for grounded aircraft, we offer tailored logistics solutions.

Our 24/7 Creative Solutions Operators are available around the clock to assist with the best transport options, including On-Board Couriers, Next Flight Out Solutions, Air Charters or Express Road for maximum flexibility.


Prevent supply chain disruptions and ensure timely deliveries in the automotive industry with SSE. Our On-Board Courier (OBC) solutions are tailored to transport individual parts and efficiently handle larger shipments.

From hundreds of individual parts to multiple packages, we have you covered. With our unique global network and 24/7 availability, SEE is your trusted partner for time-critical automotive freight, providing reliable solutions for any logistics challenge.

AOG - Aircraft on Ground

Swift and Secure Spare Parts Delivery for AOG Situations. A technical issue with an aircraft can cause delays and disruptions. At SSE, we respond promptly to Aircraft on Ground (AOG) situations, delivering spare parts swiftly and safely.

Our experienced specialists ensure efficient and secure delivery, with customizable Onboard Courier services available for expedited shipments. AOG refers to grounded aircraft due to technical issues, causing delays and additional costs. Trust SEE to keep your supply chain moving smoothly with our global On-Board Couriers.

Luxury / Fashion

We prioritize discretion, security, and reliability when shipping valuable items like precious metals, jewelry, and luxury goods. Our logistics solutions ensure the highest service level from pickup to delivery, with proactive shipment status updates. Special security measures and coordinated processes guarantee the safe and reliable arrival of your valuable shipment.

For the fashion industry, we provide meticulous logistics solutions for tailor-made fashion models and designer dresses. We assist fashion houses, brands, and manufacturers in projects of all sizes, with couriers accompanying shipments worldwide. Additionally, we excel in global luxury goods delivery, offering tailored On-Board Courier services for high-end items, ensuring seamless delivery to affluent private clients 24/7.

Production / Spare-Parts

We support leading industries in transporting missing materials or urgently needed spare parts.

Our On-Board Couriers are available 24/7 to deliver time-critical shipments to international assembly plants or main headquarters.

With our On-Board Courier service, your shipment won’t pass through multiple hands or be transported from warehouse to warehouse. The assigned On-Board Courier personally accompanies your shipment at every step of the delivery process – from pickup to delivery.


At SSE, we guarantee the safe and timely delivery of your important documents. Unlike conventional logistics and shipping solutions, we prioritize speed, ensuring that your document shipments, such as notarial documents, are delivered securely and with utmost integrity. Our expertise lies in handling time-sensitive shipments, including contracts, credit cards, and passports, for international corporations and financial institutions.

When it comes to swiftly transporting critical business documents from point A to B, our secure courier services are available worldwide, adhering to strict data privacy standards. Additionally, we handle the transportation of computer parts, smartphones, hard drives, and other storage media, with our courier closely monitoring your shipment throughout its journey.


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